marketing web & professional photography by Luis M. Anibarro

Tenerife is, for many reasons and for many people, a paradise. Millions of tourists visit the island every year, many only come to sunbathe, eat and drink well, others are also attracted by culture and landscapes, and more and more are those who come for active tourism to practice their favorite sports, paragliding, diving, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, hiking, golf ... and almost everyone finds on this island the paradise that accommodates their leisure desires.

Landscape photographers are a separate breed. We make no noise, we get up when it is still dark, and we spend the most unusual hours of the day awake.
In Tenerife we ​​find what many dream of, what in other places is only found when you travel thousands of kilometers, we have it here on an island whose bypass is only 200. And being so small, it is an immensity in a variety of landscapes, ecosystems and light environments.
You could spend weeks photographing non-stop taking absolutely different photos each time. Each season of the year draws a different island, and at the same time its benevolent climate makes you feel with almost the same sensations.

From Teide National Park, where the volcanic landscape and its stars will steal your heart, to the Teno and Anaga Rural Parks, where the laurel forest and mountains make you enter a prehistoric world.
But if there is something infinite, those are the coasts of Tenerife, where the burning lava froze in the sea, forming wonders of whimsical forms with which the waves now play every second so that you can invent your own landscape.